Thank you for accessing the COVID-19 Content Hub!  The Hub is a community-sourced platform offering clinical and training resources geared towards institutions in low-resource settings.

While global authorities and professional associations including, the CDC, and the WHO provide excellent overarching guidance for medical professionals on COVID-19 care, partners of Seed Global Health (Seed) in Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, and Sierra Leone have requested a more streamlined approach to sharing more specialized training materials and medical guidelines. The Hub as a way to accelerate and simplify the dissemination of key resources and guidelines, so that clinicians around the world can quickly learn the best practices for COVID-19 care. 

The hub includes more than 700 different resources from a variety of sources that can be useful for clinicians, governments, and institutions in low-resource settings.  However, Hub visitors should remember to validate and independently review any materials on the Hub, given the rapidly-changing nature of COVID-19 research and clinical practice.  For live documents that are frequently updated, we have provided direct links to the original source sites for download of materials, so that you are accessing the most up to date version. When this is not possible, or the sources are static, the materials on this site are current as of the dates listed in each file name. While this site is updated periodically to include new information, please also consider visiting the sites listed in the “Sources & Helpful Sites” for additional helpful guidance. 

If you or your organization have materials you would like to share on the COVID Content Hub, please send them via email to ContentHub@seedglobalhealth.org. We are particularly interested in materials with COVID protocols that cater to resource-limited settings. Thank you for your contributions!