Sources & Helpful Sites

Source: Multiple Online Sources for COVID Information | May 22, 2020

The information about COVID-19 is rapidly changing.

For information and materials that are frequently updated, we have provided direct links to the original source sites for download of materials, so that you are accessing the most up to date version. When this is not possible, or the sources are static, the materials on this site are current as of the dates listed in each file name.

While this site is updated periodically to include new information, please also consider visiting the following sites for additional helpful guidance and the most up to date information on COVID-19.

Links to Helpful Sites for Reference and Further Information:

  1. Africa CDC COVID-19 Resources Site
  2. African Federation of Emergency Medicine (AFEM) COVID-19 Resources 
  3. American Association of Medical Colleges Clinical Guidance Repository 
  4. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists COVID-19 Site 
  5. American Society of Anesthesiologists- Critical Care Primers 
  6. AMREF Social Media Toolkit, Community Health 
  7. CDC COVID-19 Public Education Videos 
  8. CDC COVID-19 Website 
  9. CDC Optimizing PPE During Shortages
  10. CDC Print/Poster Resources
  11. Children and AIDS, COVID-19 Knowledge Hub 
  12. CORE Group COVID-19 Digital Classroom
  13. Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Information Gateway (TRACIE) 
  14. Helping Mothers Survive, JHPIEGO, COVID-19 Resources
  15. Harvard Medical School COVID-19 Curriculum
  16. International Confederation of Midwives, COVID-19 Resources
  17. Massachusetts General Hospital COVID-19 Critical Care Website
  18. Massachusetts General Hospital, COVID Medicine Guidelines
  19. Massachusetts General Hospital, Fast Literature Updates (FLAREs)
  20. Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health COVID-19 Resources & Durant Technical Briefing Webinars
  21. National Institutes of Health (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines 
  22. Open Critical Care (USAID Funded)
  23. Osler ICU Skills for the non-intensivist
  24. Partners in Health COVID-19 Clinical Resources 
  25. Pediatric Emergency Database, COVID-19 Recent Reports
  26. Primary Care International COVID-19 Curriculum, also available as in-app download 
  27. PRONTO International Midwifery Simulation Packs
  28. QuickICUTraining
  29. Society of Critical Care Medicine ICU care for non-ICU Providers
  30. Society of Hospital Medicine COVID-19 Resources 
  31. Stanford/digitalMEdIC COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers
  32. The ObG Project COVID site
  33. UNICEF COVID-19 Resources for Practitioners 
  34. University of Cape Town- Knowledge Translation Unit’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Page
  35. University of Washington Medicine COVID-19 Resource Site 
  36. UpToDate- Click here for free pass to access COVID related resources
  37. Village HopeCore International COVID-19 Education Toolkit
  38. Western Cape Government, Guidelines and Manuals
  39. World Health Organization Technical Guidance 
  40. World Health Organization- Clinical Management of COVID Course 
  41. World Health Organization COVID Academy App- Android
  42. World Health Organization COVID Academy App- Apple